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An innovative, effective, and affordable parking enforcement tool.

With the latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), digital capture technology is used to enforce your parking T&Cs, while reducing the cost of employing parking staff. In fact, by reading vehicle registration plates, ANPR systems record entry and exit times, and automatically issue PCNs to anyone flouting your rules. It really is simple, intelligent, parking.


Designed and installed to meet your exact requirements, the benefits of an ANPR system include:


  • 24/7 site management; without any enforcement officers required

  • Setup of equipment where required (a supply only service is available)

  • Set up of signage (completely free of charge when you use our enforcement services!)
    Secure and compliant data collection and management

  • A less confrontational system, with all PCNs issued by post

  • Clear photographic and time-stamped records to support you during any PCN disputes

  • The latest in cutting edge technology, with no need for on onsite devices or a WiFi internet connection; making downtime a thing of the past

  • Full visibility on who is parking at your site with real-time statistics and advanced reporting capabilities

  • Accommodates flexible tariffs and concessions for different customer groups (e.g. staff members and other pre-authoriser drivers)

  • Reduces the need for cash collection and management; boosting your bottom line.


Our ANPR technology can also be integrated with your existing tools and car park ticketing systems (e.g. Pay and Display and Pay on Foot) to increase the security of your premises and maximise ROI.


ANPR and maximum stay.


ANPR is also a great way to enforce maximum stay rules; ensuring drivers who park at your sites for free only do so for an agreed period, before making room for other vehicles.


As such, ANPR is a compelling option for retail environments and visitor car parks where you  want to enforce restricted return policies and prevent drivers from monopolising valuable parking spaces.

To find out more about how ANPR can help solve your parking challenges and deliver ROI, get in touch with SIP today:

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