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Turn your vacant land into a temporary car park and start making money!

At SIP,  we are experts at turning land into cash. And, turning your empty land into a profit raising asset, we specialise in creating temporary car parks.


With extensive experience in car park management, design and operation, we have a respected name in the industry. And, always thinking outside the traditional car parking model, we provide landowners and commercial agents with flexible leasehold and revenue sharing models that are designed with their commercial objectives in mind.


We can help you to generate an additional revenue stream at little or no cost to you (we strive to be cost neutral in everything we do) by:


  • Undertaking a review of your land to help devise the best car park setup for you

  • Keeping your sites safe, legal and compliant at all times

  • Looking after any local authority planning applications

  • Creating short, medium, or long-term tenancies

  • Providing everything needed to manage your car park

  • Collecting all cash and dealing with appeals

  • Issuing permits and season tickets to help you raise revenue

  • Providing analytical and financial reporting on your car parks.


Whether you're interested in a leasehold or a revenue share model for your temporary car park, we are happy to discuss the best possible setup for your business.

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