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An investment you can depend on

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity with low risk and impressive returns, car parking could be the answer. In fact, as our population continues to grow, and land becomes increasingly scarce, our reliance on cars mean that parking spaces will only become more and more in demand.


At SIP, we’re trusted experts when it comes to helping commercially minded people like you get the most out of their car parking investments.


Our car park investment opportunities offer:


  • High-income regular returns of up to 10%

  • A stable investment regardless of wider economic factors

  • Long-term strong capital growth

  • An asset/land backed investment; making it more secure

  • An affordable entry level.


With all car parks managed by SIP, we also provide a hassle free investment so you can sit back and watch the profits come in.


With such investment opportunities very much in demand, we can help you find the most strategically placed land for future car park development.

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