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Turn your empty land into a profit raising asset


If you have valuable land sitting idle, you can turn this into a revenue raising car park. And, depending on how you want to approach this, we can even do this at no cost to you.


Whether you’re looking for a long-term use for development land, or want to raise funds while waiting for a plot to sell or planning permission to come through, SIP can help you generate income on a temporary or permanent basis.


We help landowners, commercial agents, and investors make money from vacant land. And we can do the same for you by:


  • Undertaking a review of your land to help you to plan the best car park for your unique needs

  • Helping clear the land (where required) to ensure it meets the necessary legal and compliance standards

  • Supporting local authority planning applications

  • Creating short, medium, or long-term tenancies

  • Installing ticketing systems, technology, and signage, clearly setting out parking terms and conditions

  • Providing car parking attendants where required

  • Collecting all cash and dealing with appeals

  • Issuing permits and season tickets to help you raise revenue

  • Maintaining your sites

  • Providing analytical and financial reporting on your car parks.


Whether you're interested in a leasehold or a revenue share model, we are happy to discuss the best possible setup for your business.


Turn your idle land into a valuable revenue raising asset. To find out more about how we can help you

contact us today or call us on 0333 999 7575.    

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