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Planning the best possible car park. Whatever your needs

You want a car park that is easy to use, safe and efficient. You also want a car park that makes you money. With extensive experience in car park management, design, and operation, when you appoint SIP, we deliver all this; and help you to maximise ROI.


How we do it

At SIP, we think beyond the traditional parking model. Instead, we take the time to get to understand what you want to achieve before designing a system that best meets your objectives. So, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our expert parking consultants devise the very best possible car park for you.


Our car park planning experts can help you by:


  • Undertaking an initial review of your sites to help you to plan the best car park for your unique needs (e.g. ensuring the optimum number and type of spaces, looking at accessibility, etc.)

  • Helping to prepare a business case for your sites, considering factors such as potential revenue, investment, and stakeholder management

  • Designing the best possible car park for you, taking into account layout, aesthetics, accessibility and traffic flow

  • Dealing with development and planning issues

  • Working with you to identify and overcome any challenges

  • Helping to ensure legal compliance and accreditation

  • Offering a broad range of car park management solutions, including the latest technological advancements and best-in-class people


Assigning a designated personal account manager who understands your industry, from day one we provide the highest levels of client care. And, by offering industry leading analytics, we ensure your car park keeps improving and delivering for you, long after the initial planning is done.  


With your needs at the core of everything we do, whether you have an existing car park that could benefit from proper planning and management, or are looking to plan, design, and build an entirely new facility, we’ll guide you through every step of the process.


To find out more about how our car park planning experts can help you achieve your business objectives

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