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Easy, safe car park management for pubs and restaurants

Car park management in the hospitality sector brings its own unique challenges. Customers often leave their cars overnight, and security issues are heightened. Also, valuable patron spaces are often abused by local residents, as well as customers and staff of neighbouring businesses.


But help is at hand and SIP has a broad range of solutions that can help you to solve these problems with the minimum of fuss.


Our hospitality car park management services include:


  • A wide range of ticketing options and technology to ensure that spaces are used by genuine customers

  • Free parking options for patrons with paid options for non-patrons

  • Clear and transparent parking signage to make troublesome drivers aware of the penalties for misuse, and stop parking from being abused

  • Friendly, helpful car park wardens where an on-premise solution is needed

  • Creating a safe and secure atmosphere; whether that’s through the latest technology, professional wardens or a combination of both

  • Regular reports on how your car parks are being used with rich customer data and insights.


To find out more about how our simple, intelligent, parking management services can help pubs and restaurants meet their business objectives

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