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An educated approach to car park management

Managing car parking at schools, universities and colleges can be a complex task; with spaces often limited and highly sought after. At SIP, we help to remove the headache of car park management, drawing on our years of experience and expertise to determine and deliver the best parking solution for you.


Our educational car park management services include:


  • Working with you to identify problem areas and challenges (such as the political implications of car space allocation)

  • Looking at the bigger picture to address the needs of all users

  • Examining any environmental and sustainability issues

  • Looking at the costs and benefits involved in implementing an improved parking situation

  • Establishing research-based parking policies

  • Implementing the latest technology and ticketing options to manage traffic flow at busy sites better

  • Providing car park wardens to provide exceptional levels of service and help deal with queries and permit distribution

  • Creating a safe and secure atmosphere; whether that’s through the latest technology, professional wardens or a combination of both

  • Regular reports on how your car parks are being used.


Adopting a proactive approach to your car park management policies, we help you to provide a better, fairer car park for all.

To find out more about how our simple, intelligent, parking management services can help to ensure an educated approach to car park management

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