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Providing extra security to your car park.

Our professional wardens keep your carparks running smoothly and securely. And, whether you require 24/7 on-site support, or regular patrols, whatever your needs, we’ve got it covered.


Trained to be helpful, friendly, and sensitive to your customers, our wardens have experience in all kinds of parking environments; from retail parks to restaurants, shopping centres to government buildings. So you can be sure of a stress-free parking environment.


Our professionally trained uniformed officers can help you to:


  • Better support your customers (particularly important for the disabled, the elderly, and parents with young children)

  • Provide extra security at your car park. Giving peace of mind to you, and your customers

  • Alert the proper authorities of any suspicious, or potentially harmful drivers

  • Boost efficiency, particularly during busy periods; helping drivers to find a spot without going round in circles!

  • Issue PCNs to help protect your sites from misuse

  • Issue permits and season tickets*

  • Keep your sites clean and looked after. Helping to ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations  

  • Install signage and make sure it is visible and transparent

  • Provide technical support to help with ticketing machines etc.


What’s more, at SIP, all our wardens are equipped with wireless GPS tracking equipment, digital cameras, and handheld devices to ensure you benefit from the latest and most up-to-date methods of car park enforcement.

*We also offer an online permit management system

To find out how our parking enforcement officers can help deliver a stress-free parking environment, get in touch with SIP today


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