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A self-enforcing, user-friendly pay station.

With a Pay on Foot system, drivers simply pay at a machine, before returning to their vehicles and leaving the car park. So penalty notices can be avoided, and goodwill maintained.


A self-enforcing system, Pay on Foot doesn’t rely on onsite parking personnel. What’s more, because payment is made at the end of their stay, this system puts the driver in complete control; offering total flexibility when deciding how long they park.


Taking care of everything for you, when you choose a SIP Pay on Foot system we can:


  • Install the ticketing system and signage; clearly setting out parking terms and conditions

  • Accommodate a range of payment methods such as cash, cards, apps, PayByphone, permits, vouchers and season tickets

  • Provide flexible tariffs and concessions for different customer groups

  • Integrate vehicle sensors at entry and exit points

  • Augment your Pay on Foot system using the latest  ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology

  • Provide analytical and financial reporting on your car park.

To find out more about how our simple, intelligent, parking management services can help your business

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